Hey guys! Guess what?!? Tomorrow I am presenting on “sustainability” to Woodstock High School students! I get two classes for 50 minutes each!

Dordan’s efforts with Woodstock High School go back to 2010 when I began participating in their Environmental Task Force meetings, which look to implement sustainable practices district-wide. It’s pretty neato; click here for more info. Anyway, another participant of the ETF is a science teacher at Woodstock High School who indicated interest in having me present to his pupils way back when. After a ridiculous amount of frustrating scheduling conflicts, his proposal is finally coming to fruition, no more than two years later, ha! 

Anywayyyyyyyy High School is somewhat of a distant blur for me (I think I have blocked out all my awkward moments, which comprises the better part of my pre-adulthood life), so I was extremely hesitant with how to go about it: I knew I wanted to communicate how COOL sustainability is—in hopes that it may elevate the dialogue around “sustainability” and perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, spark a future career interest; but, what does “cool” look like to compulsively texting teenagers? 

Luckily, I am a firm-advocate that the “green movement” is for the most part interpreted as niche and sophisticated by the younger generations, insofar as the environment is kind of a sexy topic. Think PETA and Green Peace—always doing provocative stuff, like photographing nude models cloaked in fur and propelling down skyscrapers—to communicate who they are and what they want; think Whole Foods and reusable tote bags…sort of a celebrity debutant thing going on there. So yeah, now I just had to weave in some real content—like LCA and EPR—into this fashionable foundation and ta da! And of course, I selected a pretty “hip” PowerPoint template, too.

To view the presentation, click the link below.

Sustainability N’ Stuff

Wish me luck! I hope everyone leaves their whoopee cushions at home!

My next post will pick up where we left off, describing feedback from Sustainability in Packaging.