Feedback from Walmart SVN, 3:3

June 5, 2012

Hey guys,

Today I am going to pick up on where I left off on May 16th’s post re: Walmart Packaging Sustainable Value Network meeting in Bentonville, May 7th.

…After the students left the stage (click here to read about this student-led packaging initiative supported by Walmart), Jim Downham of PAC took to the podium.

He began his presentation by comparing the state of the packaging industry to the traffic patterns around Paris’s Arch de Triomphe, which for all intents and purposes, is somewhat of a labyrinth:

“A new world order is emerging in the packaging industry and the convergence of all the global sustainability initiatives is like navigating the Arch de Triomphe.” Emphasizing the need to demystify and organize global sustainability initiatives, Downham introduced PACNEXT, which is a collaborative working group “intended to facilitate the convergence of all these ideas and identify sustainable solutions.” Referencing new project “world without packaging waste,” Downham explained how EPR–which exists in Canada where PACNEXT is headquartered but has yet to percolate America nation-wide– is in need of harmonization and industry-intevention and maintenance.

Downham also exclaimed that PACNEXT was endorsing/managing the development of national and voluntary design for recyclability guidelines, intended to be released mid-June. I have been unable to find any more information in these regards…

Visit PACKNEXT’s website for more details on this new sustainable packaging group and its various projects, which are intended to enhance, not hinder, other global sustainability initiatives. How PACNEXT differs from AMERIPEN, which is an organization akin to EUROPEN and is reportedly assessing global EPR models in order to determine how best to apply to America, is unknown to myself.

That’s all I got! I had to leave the SVN meeting early to make my flight to Dallas to connect to Miami, though due to weather in Dallas, I never made it!

Guess what: I have been invited to speak on “LCA” at the SPE’s Thermoforming Division’s 21st Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sept. 23-25! Click here for event details!

AND, stay tuned for new developments in Dordan’s popular Bio Resin Show N Tell, first unveiled at Pack Expo 2010 and returning to McCormick Place this October for PMMI’s Pack Expo!

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