Reflection on progress in PET thermoform recycling and introducing NEW EXHIBIT at Pack Expo!!!

September 2, 2011

Hello and happy Friday!

The photo-shoot for Green Manufacturer was so much fun! They had me pose in front of Dordan’s display cases and also perch atop one of our plastic rolls in our materials warehouse! It was like a million degrees in the plant yesterday and the photographer was at the top of our tallest ladder; he is such a trooper! The editor for Green Manufacturer is a real doll; it was SO flattering to be chosen for their Sept/Oct feature when so many manufacturers are doing exciting things in the green space! And, I got to talk about my favorite thing—PET thermoform recycling—so I was happy as a clam! I can’t wait to see the photo proofs and read the editorial copy!

There have been so many developments in PET thermoform recycling since I published the Recycling Report, which was an overview of the main obstacles facing the inclusion of thermoformed packaging in the recovery infrastructure. While I don’t believe our efforts in these regards initiated the recent developments in PET thermoform recycling (NAPCOR and others have long recognized the market potential of PET thermoform recyclate), it is really cool that we got to participate in the dialogue during this exciting time. Since I published the Recycling Report, I have been delighted by the following industry-initiated efforts to identify and work to eliminate the technical barriers keeping PET thermoforms from being recycled nationally: Canadian retailers mandating that all thermoform containers be converted to PET by 2012 to increase the material available for recovery and simplify the waste stream; SPI and NAPCOR teaming up to sponsor a grant for a processor to invest in the technology necessary to economically reprocess thermoform-grade PET; and, APR working with the Adhesives Council on developing guidelines for using adhesives in thermoform packaging to eliminate contaminates to the PET bottle recycling stream. AWESOME!

AND, I am super excited about our new exhibit at Pack Expo that demonstrates our collaboration with my friends at Ecovative Design, the materials science company I visited early spring!!! Click on the link below to read more about this neat exhibit!

Dordan Manufacturing and Ecovative Design Collaboration on Display at Pack Expo

Lastly, the Boston Consulting Group released a report that shows manufacturing to return to the US over the next five years due to the elevating labor and shipping costs associated with overseas manufacturing. I believe the full report just came out, but click here to read the press release distributed early May. The editor from Green Manufacturer explained yesterday that she only buys products made in America. That is the coolest thing I have heard in a while; I’m sure she will be delighted if the assumptions made in this report come to fruition! I know Dordan will be!

Have a fantastic extended weekend!

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