Intro to the Truth about Plastic Packaging…

August 2, 2011


So I am about half-way finished with my next research report, “The Truth about Plastics Packaging.” So far I have covered the history of plastics/it’s proliferation into the modern world and PVC/DEHP/phthalates/BPA i.e. “endocrine disruptors;” next I will discuss end of life management issues i.e. ocean debris, “battle of the bags” i.e. plastic vs. paper, and “green” plastics. It is quite the bull, let me tell ya. I’m thinking if it gets too long (I am already at 10 pages, double space) I may release the Truths in bits, starting with The Truth about PVC and The Truth about BPA, followed up with The Truth about Ocean Debris, etc. Goodness gracious I just don’t know!

But, to get your slavery glands a salivating for all this to-come awesomeness, here is the intro to my first draft. Enjoy!

In 2008, more than 400 pieces of plastics-related legislation were introduced at the local, state and federal levels, including: more than 200 anti-bag measures, bans on PS fast-food packaging, phthalate laden toys, and BPA baby bottles. While the plastics industry had dealt with instances of public animosity before, never had plastics come under attack on so many fronts. As a new representative of the plastics industry, I had to ask myself, are plastics bad? What follows is a discussion of some of the hot button issues surrounding plastics products as described in Susan Freinkel’s Plastic: A Toxic Love Story. As plastics continue to percolate public discourse on health and the environment, I think it important to tease fact from reality; in doing so, we can better understand how to manage this family of materials that has for so long afforded us convenience and security, without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same comforts made possible with plastics.

Hungry for more?!? Stay tuned!

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