Letter to NYT reporter

June 15, 2011

Hey guys!

Before I lay the NYT’s anti-clamshell article to bed, I wanted to reach out to the reporter, in hopes that she may consult me in the future in regards to researching articles about packaging and sustainability. Check out my email below! I had called her a bundle of times and finally got ahold of her this morning! She explained that she was on a deadline and that she would read my email by this afternoon. I hope she responds!

Hey Stephanie,

This is Chandler Slavin with Dordan Manufacturing–I caught you in the office today and you asked for me to send an email that you would consult at the end of the day due to deadline obligations.

Thanks for your time. I am writing you today in regard to the article you wrote that was published June 2nd in the Energy and Environment section of the NYTs called “Retailers Move to Greener, Easier to Open Packages.” I am the Sustainability Coordinator at a family owned and operated clamshell manufacturer; as such, I was surprised by your article discussing clamshell packaging and the environment because I am very aware of the realities of packaging and sustainability, and unfortunately, didn’t see those realities represented in your piece. While I am very pleased that you are investigating packaging and sustainability, as it is a very complex and interesting intersection, I found fault with the article overall because it seemed more as an advertising platform for MWV than an objective discussion of contemporary packaging trends at the retailer level. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further and explain some of the contradictions and inaccuracies in the piece; additionally, I would love to open up the lines of communication in hopes that you may feel comfortable consulting me re: articles of sustainability and packaging in the future.

My email is cslavin@dordan.com and you can reach me in the office at (815) 334-0087. I understand that you are extremely busy and that this is probably not a priority for you; please understand, however, that your article and the reality it painted for packaging preference between paper and plastic has some real repercussions on domestic clamshell manufacturers competing in an already aggressive market. Unfortunately, perception is reality and if the perception you created of clamshell packaging is re-constructed again and again, people will begin to take it as reality: We would like the opportunity to contribute to this reality as we believe we know best having been in the business for almost 50 years.

Thanks again for your time and I hope your schedule allows for consideration of this matter.



Tune in tomorrow for paper vs. plastic goodness as per the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s “Common Packaging Material Environmental Briefs,” available here for download.

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