I heart PlasticsNews!!!

January 6, 2011

Hello 2011!!!

I am back from beautiful Mexico and am happy to report that I have beaten my addiction to Chap Stick; all it took was some fun in the Mexican sun. Hurray!

Dordan started off 2011 with a bang, thanks to the January 3rd print addition of the lovely PlasticsNews.

For starters, lil ole’ me was quoted several times (10 in fact!) in regard to my presentation at Sustainable Plastics Packaging, as reported in Mike Verespej’s “Container Recycling Effort Remains Daunting.” To read the piece in all its glory, click here.

THEN, Dordan was given an entire half-page spread in the special report “Plastics and Packaging,” where reporter Dan Hockensmith summarizes our interview during Pack Expo 2010. They include a picture and everything! It is the most Dordan-centric editorial we have received thus far, so we are thrilled! Click here for the full article.

Thanks PlasticsNews!!!

Next week’s post will provide the second portion of my feedback from Sustainable Plastic Packaging and begin discussing the Walmart SVN that I attended December 14th. Sorry, trying to play catch up!

2 Responses to “I heart PlasticsNews!!!”

  1. A. Martin said

    Re: “the pulp and paper industry is the largest consumer of water in America”

    I can’t attest to which type of industrial processing uses the most water, but nonetheless, the statement referenced above is misleading. I would like to remind readers that water withdrawals for combined industrial use in the US make up only 4% of total withdrawals. Thermoelectric power is the largest category of water use, followed by irrigation and public supply. (Source: http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/1344/)

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the comment and research reference! I will look into the document ASAP and be sure to revise any claims if they are inaccurate or misleading. I grounded my dialogue on the US EPA’s TRI Report for the Pulp and Paper Industry, which I would be happy to send you. I will reconsult my source to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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