Happy day!

July 1, 2010

Happy Day!

I am writing you all from the luxury of my rooftop deck, where the sun’s rays are turning my skin a healthy shade of sun kissed! Not to rub it in our anything…

Today I am working from home, which I love (can’t you see why!). This morning I went to DePaul University to get my “Alumni card,” which grants me access to all the DePaul library’s databases, archives, journals, etc. I got to take a new picture and everything; I am giving the thumbs up sign and I have a very enthusiastic expression that just screams alumni. YAY for research!!!

After that I had lunch with my most favorite professor from my undergrad. He is an ethicist and, working in the world of sustainability, I see a lot of overlay between our two worlds. After all, ethics are just the discussion of value systems, of which, the “green consumer” enjoys its own space. He is actually teaching a class on environmental ethics and said he would provide some insight!!!

I just got done writing a marathon of an email to Dordan’s web designer. Now that we have a whole new sustainability initiative i.e. zero-waste, we need to restructure the sustainability information displayed on our site. I’m thinking of breaking Dordan’s sustainability efforts into the following categories, social and environmental, and plugging away from there. I hope this restricting doesn’t cost a million dollars…

I have been emailing everyone I know who knows anything about composting, trying to figure out the best one to buy for Dordan’s food and yard waste generation. I am actually getting a lot of really good feedback, which I will share with you all after the Holiday weekend. I will also be announcing which composter we are going with; exciting!!!

Well, I know today’s post was super lame because I just talked about myself but what can I say, I left all my research at the office!

Now I am off to describe our sustainability efforts for distribution to various editors to see if they would be interested in running a story on us; it certainly would be a cute one, in my opinion.

I am taking a vaca day tomorrow so I will resume blogging on Tuesday of next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday weekend!!!

Your packaging and sustainability friend,


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