Is the suspense killing you?

April 1, 2010

Hey yall!

I am so sorry to keep you all hanging on the results of our RPET clamshells optical sorting “test;” well, I’m not that sorry—nothing like a little suspense to keep people  reading my blog. And congrats to you all: I have now had over 800 people view my blog and I am up to an average of 15 visits a day. Hurray for plastics recycling!

Well I am back from beautiful Toronto and I leave on Monday for the Walmart/Sam’s Club Sustainable Packaging Expo! Quite a busy bee! Therefore, the point of today’s post is to say “hello” and explain that I will resume my clamshell recycling narrative the Monday after I return from the Expo.

Stay tuned as there is a ton of good stuff to come, such as:

My feedback about the Committee in Canada that I was invited to participate in this week, which looks to recycle PET thermoforms post-consumer;

All the exciting happenings of the Walmart/Sam’s Club Sustainable Packaging Expo;

The results of our RPET samples’ “test;”

The answer to WHY buyers of baled PET bottles do not want thermoforms in the mix;


Enjoy the Holiday weekend my wonderful and loyal readers!

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