Keep your chin up

February 11, 2010

Hello world. For those of you who have been following my blog everyday (all 11 of you!), I apologize for the recent postponement of my writing and the removal of some material from previous posts. Perhaps I can explain…

As some of you know, I am a recent graduate from DePaul University. Having spent that last four years in an atmosphere that encourages research and academic integrity, I approach business with the same spunk for knowledge and thirst for truth. However, the academic community is not like the business community: In business, knowledge can sometimes make others uncomfortable when used out of context, without permission, or just made available in the public space; in academia, knowledge is power and as long as you “site your source” you can utilize said power to facilitate your positions and arguments. I have developed many wonderful relationships with people in the industry in my quest to find an end-of-life market for thermoformed packaging; as such, I want to ensure that these relationships continue to facilitate knowledge and productive conversations without alienating those who originally disseminated said information. Therefore, going forward, I will be more considerate with what I make accessible in the public space and ensure compliance with those who are involved prior to incorporating said information into my blog.

Although I am no longer in the academic community, I value its paradigms. I look forward to the time when people want to find, know, and propagate the truth, regardless of who is invested in which special interests groups. That being said, I still have a lot to learn about the “etiquette of business.” Too bad they didn’t have business etiquette 101 at DePaul…

I’m still clinging onto my last shred of idealism remaining from college…

I will keep you posted.

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